How Great is the Meadowlands Super Bowl in 2014 going to be???

By ericschmidt

This week has been a disaster for Super Bowl organizers and events surrounding the Big Game, so as we are less than two hours before kickoff of the big game, a new crisis has arisen, some people coming to the game might not be able to sit in their seat.

It appears that the new sections added for the Super Bowl are not fully completed, and fans which bought those seats will be turned away. Seriously? Many of those seats were fans in Pittsburgh and Green Bay which fretted over the weather at the start of the week, were pushed back to arriving yesterday or perhaps even at some point this afternoon, and now will be turned away at the front door with the promise from the league office that they will be refunded the face value of their ticket times three.

These seats aren’t being sold for face value, so, say Joe and Mary Smith decide to spend money to come to Dallas for the Super Bowl from Pittsburgh, they buy tickets on Stubhub, a company which the NFL embraces for secondary marketing, the Steelers loving couple finally arrive in Dallas at the gate, and get turned away. Face value of the tickets might have been $600.00 dollars a ticket, but they paid $3,000.00 dollars a ticket. They miss the game and get screwed on their investment because the stadium isn’t ready.Isn’t that sweet?

Now there are reports of double booked tickets for seats, this Dallas Super Bowl has been one of the biggest disasters in league history.

The NFL issued a quick statement this afternoon-

“There are a limited number of sections in temporary seating areas inside the stadium that have not been fully completed. We are working to resolve the matter and expect that by game time most of the fans affected will have been accommodated in their seats or relocated to similar or better seats.”

Wouldn’t you think that the exact number of seats available for the Super Bowl might have been known about , gee, I don’t know, months ago? It’s not like the Dallas Cowboys were filling the Stadium during their playoff games. This has to go down as a complete disaster as far as the logistical position of this game. I’m just waiting now for the next disaster, the halftime show.

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