Michael Vick's Improbable 2010 Season Draws a Blank in the MVP Voting

By Bryn Swartz

As expected, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ran away with the National League Most Valuable Player award.

He became the first player in NFL history to capture the award unanimously, by receiving all 50 votes.

I fully support Brady winning the award unanimously. Anytime a player throws 36 touchdowns against just four interceptions, he deserves the award. And if he also posts a 111.0 passer rating, yeah, he definitely should win the award. And if his team wins 14 games and scores 518 points, yeah, he’s going to win it unanimously.

Michael Vick probably would have finished second if the award allowed votes to vote for more than one player.

He tossed 21 touchdowns, rushed for nine more, and accounted for almost 3700 yards of total offense. The Eagles won eight of his ten complete game starts during the season.

The ironic part is that Vick actually received one MVP vote in 2002 and 2004. Yet in what was clearly his greatest season ever, he didn’t receive a single vote.

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