Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald Wants Kevin Kolb to Join the Arizona Cardinals

By Bryn Swartz

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald recommends Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb as his quarterback for next season.

Kolb was benched after a dismal showing Green Bay in the season opener, and wants to start for another team next season instead of playing as a backup in Philadelphia.

Michael Vick will receive the franchise tag by the Eagles and will not be going anywhere in 2011.

Arizona is definitely one of the places I’ve heard Kolb going, and the simple fact that five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is interested in the Eagles quarterback could increase his chances of going to Phoenix next year.

I would be fine with Kolb joining Arizona. The Eagles do play Arizona next season, but I think we’re a significantly better team as of now.

I’ve also heard rumors of Kolb heading to Seattle, San Francisco, Buffalo, Oakland, Cleveland, and Carolina, among other teams.

Either way, I hope Kolb is traded soon (assuming there will be football next season) so the Eagles’ offseason isn’t flooded with trade rumors and drama.

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