Cardinals Consulting Players on QB Situation

By ericgoodman

Apparently the Arizona Cardinals are now so desperate that they are asking the players for advice, or at least a direction, in their quarterback dilemma.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Cards asked star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald who he would prefer as Arizona’s new quarterback.

I don’t think his answer surprised anyone, considering both quarterbacks he mentioned are on the market.  Kevin Kolb was his first choice, and should be available via trade if the Birdwell’s decide he is worth the price; rumors put his worth at 2 second round picks, as he is the topic of interest of many teams.

These teams include San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland and Carolina among others.  Hopefully, the price isn’t too high for the Cardinals.  However, we do not know if the Eagles will even eventually part with him, as Michael Vick’s style of play lends itself to injury quite easily.  Plus, we don’t even quite know if he IS the quarterback most of us think he is (although he is the most wanted quarterback according to our fans on the polls).

The other quarterback Fitzgerald mentioned is free-agent to be Marc Bulger.  Although he is 34, Bulger did not take a single snap this past season and should be fresh.  However, it is the general consensus that Bulger is washed up.  However, the Cardinals wouldn’t be giving up anything to acquire his services.

Now to the real issue here.  We all know the Cardinals need a quarterback, it’s just up to whom they decide to acquire and how they do it (free agent, draft).  We also know that there are several candidates out there that will be a significant upgrade from the 2010 campaign (Kolb, Bulger, Orton, McNabb, possibly Palmer) and that there are some projects that could work out in the draft (however none of which are an immediate solution).

The real issue is that the Cardinals coaching staff and ownership is so torn up over who they should pursue that they are now requesting the advice of the players.  WHAT?  I completely understand the want and need to bring in a quarterback that your players want to have at the helm, especially when the advice they are seeking comes from the best wide-out in the league, but are they really that torn up that they need the advice?

Larry Fitzgerald wants to win, as does every other player on this Arizona team.  However, you always have to look at his preference as HIS preference.  It may be someone he believes can get him the ball, although it doesn’t necessarily mean that he would be the best fit for the TEAM.

Think about if the Cardinals do give up the draft picks for Kolb and he’s a bust.  As a franchise, they would have taken a step back instead of forward on a hunch and because their wide-receiver said “I want this guy.”

However, if Larry’s request does pan out, and we keep Fitzgerald because we gave him the quarterback he prefers, it is one of the greatest coaching moves in football.

Luckily, Fitzgerald was not the only player consulted on this matter.  Ken Whisenhunt stated that they will be asking a lot of the players, but also stated that “he (Larry Fitzgerald) does not make the decisions”.

Glad to hear that, because in the end, he is a player, not a coach.  If Arizona does whatever it needs to keep Fitzgerald, I will always be ok with that.  I just don’t want them going out and grabbing a quarterback because their wide receiver said so.

As good as Fitzgerald is, he is not T.O.  He will not throw a fit if he doesn’t get his way.  If he plans to leave Arizona, he will leave regardless of who the Cardinals try to tempt him with.

That said, Ken Whisenhunt, the coaching staff and the Bidwell’s must make this decision with haste, and with the best interest of the team moving forward, whatever that may be.  I just hope it’s the right one.

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