Bengals QB Carson Palmer adds another twist to trade demands by putting house up for sale

By Dan Parzych

A few weeks ago, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer demanded the organization granted his wish to be traded or he would consider retirement. While team owner Mike Brown made it clear he had no plans of trading his franchise quarterback, Palmer continues to make his case to get what he wants–including putting his house up for sale.

According to in Cincinnati, Palmer plans on selling his house and hopes to have it on the market by March. And if the Bengals still don’t believe Palmer’s serious about the demands, his real estate agent told WCPO that he’s “not coming back” when referring to next season.

Despite his demands, everybody expects Palmer back with the Bengals in 2011 and believes this whole act is nothing more than a bluff–especially Brown. It’s hard to imagine any team would be willing to take the remaining $50 million Palmer’s due over the next four years considering he’s far from the elite quarterback he was a few years ago.

So will this recent news regarding Palmer putting his house up for sale be enough to convince the Bengals how serious he is about his demands being met? Only time will tell, but as Palmer already indicated, he’s financially set for the rest of his life from the money made over the last eight seasons–so it should be interesting to see whether or not he’s bluffing about retirement.

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