Should the Philadelphia Eagles Attempt to Acquire Defensive Tackle Shaun Rogers?

By Bryn Swartz

In an attempt to restructure the roster of the Cleveland Browns, head coach Pat Shurmur released six players yesterday.

One of those players is three-time Pro Bowl selection Shaun Rogers.

Rogers, who used to be one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL, seems at first glance to be a pretty good fit for the Eagles, who could always use another playmaker on their defensive line.

Rogers spent the first seven seasons of his career as a defensive tackle. He joined the Cleveland Browns before 2008 and was the team’s nose tackle for two seasons. He was moved to defensive end before 2010.

At 6’4, 350 pounds, Rogers is a tremendous run stuffer. He is the type of player who needs a lot of motivation but he would be working with Jim Washburn, the Eagles’ new defensive line coach.

However, Rogers has had some personal issues. He was suspended for steroids for four games in 2006, although his agent claimed they were for his appetite suppressant medication. He was accused of sexual assault in 2007. And he was arrested for having a loaded gun in his carry on luggage at a Cleveland airport in April of 2010.

However, Rogers is the type of player who can instantly wreak havoc on opposing defenses, and help shut down a running back like Brandon Jacobs.

The Eagles should definitely consider signing Rogers. If he regains his Pro Bowl form, the Eagles’ defense will probably allow 20 to 30 fewer rushing yards per game.

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