Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow Releasing Autobiography in April

By Bryn Swartz

Tim Tebow can do it all. He is a football player, a team leader, an evangelist, and now an author.

The Denver Business Journal reported that the 23-year old quarterback, who just completed his rookie season in the National Football League, will be releasing his autobiography in April.

The book is titled “Through My Eyes” and is 256 pages long.

The publishing deal was announced in November of 2010, with HarperCollins.

“This is my story about how I was able to fulfill my dream and I hope it can inspire people of all ages that are aspiring to fulfill their dreams,” the 23-year-old Tebow said in a release last November announcing publication.

The book’s co-author is Nathan Whitaker, who also co-wrote books with former Colts coach Tony Dungy and broadcaster James Brown.

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