Packers: LB Matthews On Ellen Show

By johnclaude

Jrlombardi reports LB Matthews appeared on Ellen Show (Thursday).

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres fawned over Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews III when he made an earlier visit to her show. The two talked about their “special connection” on the show Thursday. “Aaron Rodgers, as you know, is obsessed with me,” DeGeneres said, apparently referring to a message the Packers quarterback posted on Twitter. Matthews shot back: “I think he really just wanted to throw that out there because we have a special connection and he’s jealous of that.” Ellen: “We won’t let you break up our love.” Matthews also joked, kind of, about the focused mind set of a football player. “The interesting thing about football is everything that makes you a great athlete makes you a terrible person in society,” he said. “You need to have greed, jealousy, envy, anger all put on the field. In society, you’re looked down on as a bad person, but on the football field, you’re revered.”

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