Michael Vick's Investigator in Dog Fighting Case Speaks on Potential Change in Vick

By Bryn Swartz

Jim Knorr, a retired U.S. Department of Agriculture senior special agent and the primary investigator in Vick’s case, was asked if he thinks Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has changed since he was arrested for running an illegal dog fighting ring.

“Do I think he’s changed? I don’t know,” said Jim Knorr, speaking to ESPN’s Outside The Lines. “I would hope he has but I don’t know. Only one person knows and that’s him. The only way the public is going to know if he’s sincere is to revisit it five to eight years from now, when he’s not playing in the NFL and getting endorsements. Is he still going into the neighborhoods, preaching to the kids? If he’s sincere or not, it doesn’t really matter because what he’s doing now, he’s doing a positive thing by speaking to kids in the community about his mistakes and telling them not to go there. What he’s doing is good for the public.”

Knorr says that he met Vick four or five times and Vick was always polite and respectful, but wouldn’t admit to the dog fighting until he had been given a lie detector test.

“I think 25 percent of people are for him — those are the football fans — 25 percent of people hate him and 50 percent are right in the middle,” Knorr said. “A lot of Eagles fans didn’t like it when the team first signed him. If he had a horrible season, would Eagles fans still be supporting him?”

Knorr raises some excellent points, particularly the one about whether Vick will still be preaching about the negatives of dog fighting years from now.

And he’s right. Only Michael Vick knows if Michael Vick is truly changed.

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