Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth once again makes news, and it's not on the field

By ericschmidt

Seriously, how much longer are the Washington Redskins going to tolerate these events which center around DT Albert Haynesworth. Last week, Haynesworth received misdemeanor charges for road rage and now this afternoon, the football world is learning that he is now being investigated for possible sexual abuse charges. Of course, Haynesworth is innocent until proven guilty, however, how many people get charged for road rage and investigated for possible sexual abuse charges all in the same week?

Maybe, it’s just a bad week for Albert. Or perhaps, maybe it’s been a bad year for Albert, but it seems that bad news surrounds this man wherever he goes. In the offseason, Haynesworth not only upset his team and the Redskins new coach, but he was sued for defaulting on business loans and was slapped with a paternity suit. The DT couldn’t even finish the season with the Redskins on the active roster after the head coach questioned his desire to play. Now this in the span of one week.

According to, Haynesworth has not been named officially in this report, as his agent, Chad Speck has said he and his client are “considering their own legal actions against those involved”. Haynesworth seems to be a lawyers best friend.

According to the police report on the nbcwashington website, “Subject 1”, who is reported to be Haynesworth, at 1:30am Sunday morning went to pay his bill, and slid his credit card between the cocktail waitress’s breasts and then caressed the waitresses breast as well.

Throw all of this out for one minute. Perhaps Haynesworth is innocent of these last two situations, but why do these events always follow him? Always some sort of chaos. It can’t always be about the huge contract that Haynesworth signed two years ago, several players in the NFL are very wealthy and this sort of chaos doesn’t seem to follow them.

This situation will not end for the Washington Redskins until  they finally release Haynesworth and move on. Trouble and chaotic situations have followed him from his days with the Tennessee Titans, he’s a player which is never happy and is always the victim in his mind one way or another. It is time to move on from him. Actually, it was time to move on from him back last August.

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