Teams start handing out franchise tags, will the Pittsburgh Steelers place one on LaMarr Woodley?

By ericschmidt

Several teams this morning have placed franchise tags on key players, will the Pittsburgh Steelers place the franchise tag on LaMarr Woodley? Woodley will be a free agent whenever the free agency period ultimately starts and after four seasons with the Steelers, he has become a dominant force on defense. His career totals include 186 tackles, seven forced fumbles, three interceptions, but where he excels is rushing the passer. He has 39 career sacks.

The designation of the franchise tag this season, is nothing more than an insurance protection for the respective teams in case there is a new collective bargaining agreement put in place before the expiration of the current agreement. Regardless of what ever designation teams place on current players, all titles will be null and void with the expiration of the current CBA on March 4th.

The Philadelphia Eagles placed the franchise title on QB Michael Vick and the New England Patriots used the same title on OL Logan Mankins this morning. Several other players are expected to do the same with key free agents. The franchise designation allows the player to receive a one year salary equal to the top five salaries in the league at that position. Woodley, 26, earned $550,000.00 in 2010 and whether he receives a new contract or plays for one season with the franchise designation, will be playing for significantly more in 2011.

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