Saints bring in Rogers for a visit

By Philthy

In a move that could potentially help beef up the Saints struggling defensive line, the Saints flew in former Lions and Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers for a visit on Wednesday.

Rogers, who has played in several Pro Bowls, is a talented defensive tackle who could immediately help the Saints defensive line that struggled mightily getting to the quarterback and stopping the run. He played in 15 games last season and recorded 17 tackles and two quarterback sacks.

The big knock on Rogers is the issue of character, something that Sean Payton teams have put a premium on. He was fined last season for bringing a gun on an airplane, an act that he was arrested for and never charged. And while he played in 15 games, he only started one, and many in the Browns organization said he had an unwillingness to practice.

However, Rogers has only been on losing teams in his career, and the Browns general manager even admitted that the losing appears to have taken a toll on him, and playing in a winning atmosphere could help in. New Orleans could be that atmosphere, but he has also visited the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs this offseason.

It’s unclear what the Saints interest is in him, but since he was released from the Browns this offseason, he can be signed before the Collective Bargaining Agreement comes up on March 4. With positive football news coming at a premium these days, this is definitely a storyline for Saints fans to watch as Rogers could definitely help bolster the Saints defense.

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