Lions DE Vanden Bosch calls surgery a 'piece of cake'

By ericschmidt

Detroit Lions DE Kyle Vanden Bosch recently underwent neck surgery, but he claims the recovery period was a “piece of cake”. Vanden Bosch, speaking to reporters, said that he is working harder to come back in 2011 at full strength, than at any point in his career.

“Since the season’s been over, I haven’t taken any time off. I kind of just want to get back to full strength and then maybe back off a bit. But, I’ve probably trained harder than I ever have in the last couple months. And I feel really great”, Vanden Bosch said.

Vanden Bosch has long been known for his intense work ethic on and off the field. The addition of Vanden Bosch through free agency no doubt helped the development of rookie DT Ndamukong Suh over the last year.

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