Oakland Raiders fans should not be expecting CB Champ Bailey

By ericschmidt

As the questions surround just exactly what will happen to former Oakland Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha, Raiders fans should not be looking towards possible free agent Denver Broncos CB Champ Bailey. Currently, the Broncos have opened up talks with the veteran corner and Denver’s new vice president of football operations, John Elways says he wants to get a deal done with Bailey.

Bailey’s agent told the Denver Post that they are looking for a four-year extension on his current contract in the $40-44 million dollar range.

Ashomugha’s contract was voided weeks ago after it was determined that he did not meet incentives in his contract in order to warrant a $17 million dollar 2011 season. There is still the outside chance that he could return to the Raiders next season. However, the current labor negotiations and the threat of a owner led lockout will greatly interfere with the offseason free agency period.

There is of course the chance that the Raiders move in another direction, refusing to invest $10-12 million dollars in one single player and try to acquire two players to fill other positions instead.

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