Packers Headlines

By johnclaude

Jrlombardi reviews Packers headlines.

Illinois governor Pat Quinn was to volunteer at the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin food distribution center to fulfill his losing wager pledge against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker over last month’s NFC championship game in which the Bears lost to Packers, but the labor demonstrations in Madison delayed it.

Charles Woodson (New York Daily News about Woodson’s statement) publicly supported Wisconsin’s state unions. Also, Woodson will let the injured collarbone heal on its ownWR Greg Jennings chatted on  Nick Collins attended Daytona 500 answering questions.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association met for more than eight hours on Sunday.

A sad goodbye to Art Daley who was a Green Bay Press-Gazette sports editor.  He covered Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi. He died Saturday at the age of 94.

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