Grading the Chicago Bears...Linebacker

By Joshua Casey

The Chicago Bears have the best linebacking core in football. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me or thinks I’m bias needs to learn football.

Brian Urlacher is a freak of nature. There’s no weakness in his game. He’s an amazing cover linebacker and makes plays all over the field against the run. Sports Illustrated had the balls to call him the most overrated player in football, and they’re effing insane.

Lance Briggs would be the featured linebacker on most teams. He’s an excellent player in his own right. While he’s not Urlacher, he’s not too far behind.

Pisa Tinoisamoa is a good NFL linebacker. He’s fast and makes most tackles. The knock on Tinoisamoa is that he just can’t stay healthy. While the coaches seem to like Nick Roach, I’m not on his bandwagon as much.

Brian Iwuh and Rod Wilson are more special teams players, but Iwuh filled in well for Briggs when asked to do so.

This unit dominated in 2010. Urlacher was as good as he’s ever been. Briggs continues his amazing play. Tinoisamoa is underrated and the others fill in and contribute.

For the Packers fans out there, if Urlacher or Briggs were able to rush the passer like Clay Matthews III, you’d see what a real linebacker that actually supports the run can do. Additionally, the sack totals would be there too. Unfortunately, the Bears linebackers don’t get to “Madden” things up. If you want proof, watch the first week when Briggs shot the gap, sacked Shawn Hill while stripping the football. That’s proof kids…

I give this group an A+. As I said earlier, the best in football.

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