Michael Vick Says He Will Eventually Have "Outstanding" Interview with Oprah

By Bryn Swartz

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick finally addressed his decision to abruptly cancel his appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

“I just thought the timing wasn’t right, based on everything that was going on with the contract, the CBA and certain things that I didn’t want to touch on at the time,” Vick said Friday, according to the Associated Press. “I felt like I needed to do more in order to be on the show to talk about the past and to talk about the present and how prosperous things are and how bad they were and how we can move forward. I think when I do go on, it’s going to be outstanding.”

According to Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports, some potential things Vick wouldn’t want to discuss included:

(1) his six-year lifestyle of dogfighting
(2) the ability of Oprah to asking probing questions like, “Do you think you’d still be doing it if you’d never gotten caught?” and to crack through any scripted response
(3) the fear that other guests would have included people who adopted dogs rescued from his rural Virginia property — and possibly one or more of the dogs themselves

If Vick does want to appear on Oprah’s show, he will need to do so before September 25th, because she will no longer be hosting the show after that date.

And unfortunately for Vick, Oprah could still ask any of the questions above during an interview.

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