What if...Detroit Lions


Opening week at Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears. Calvin Johnson made a great catch over Zach Bowman of the Chicago Bears. As he rolled over a second time, the ball came out of his hand. It appeared to all of us (remember I’m a Chicago Bears fan) that the Lions scored a go-ahead score and would leave the Chicago Bears with a few seconds to mount a comeback. However, an obscure rule called it an incomplete pass.

If the touchdown stood and the Lions won the game, it would have been a completely different season. The Detroit Lions would have used that to propel them to confidence and a possible playoff run. But, it didn’t quite click until the later part of the season.

The Lions are one of the most intimidating young teams in the NFL. I’m convinced they will contend. If Johnson’s touchdown stood, it would have been much different in 2010.

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