NFL Owners Told the Players That They "Couldn't Understand" the Finances They've Requested

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As if it wasn’t already ugly between the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association.

One of the biggest issues in this impasse has been financial transparency. The owners claim that player costs are outweighing total revenue, so the players believe it’s only fair that the owners would open up their books and show them the data to confirm that.

Basically it boils down to the owners saying that they’re losing money and they need to recoup it from the players, and the players essentially asking them to prove it.

Now, news has come out that the owners insulted the players during negotiations by allegedly telling them flat-out that they would not be able to even comprehend the financial information they’ve been asking for.

National Football Post passed this story along, and it’s frankly absurd. The NFL gave the players a pretty ludicrous reason for not opening their books, allegedly playing the “you wouldn’t understand anyway” card.

According to former NFL player Sean Morey, the NFL made a derogatory comment about the players’ ability to grasp the financial data they were seeking.

“They said, ‘even if we provided that information, you wouldn’t be able to understand it,'” Morey told the Boston Globe during the NFL Players’ Association board of player representatives meetings in Marco Island, Fla. “You know what, we’re players, we’re coachable – help us understand it.”

What makes this even more incredible is that Morey, an 11-year veteran who won a Super Bowl with the Steelers in Super Bowl XL, graduated from Brown University. You can’t make this stuff up.

Yikes. Where do we go from here? Seems like the courtroom, I guess. I really don’t want to be writing about this kind of stuff for much longer. I need my football fix.


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