Packers: Jrlombardi Returns To PC

By johnclaude

Jrlombardi returns from Euro 2011 Trip.

Having returned from Europe for an important French American family reunion, we are amused to see how little has changed in the sports world.  As the French say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

The Packers as Super Bowl champs is old news.  The NFL is now enduring the predictable lockout between the owners and players. Meanwhile, the borish Packers fluff press and delusional vain sports bloggers keep fans informed about the predictable stalemate in the CBA negogiations proclaiming both sides are at fault.  Duh!

Meanwhile, we will try to move the news forward in a progressive way looking beyond the nausating daily petty news to the important Packers news and the coming NFL draft.   It is good to be back.

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