Green Bay Packers 2011 Draft Needs

By Chris Ransom

3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Clay Matthews plays on the left side.  Green Bay needs to get someone on the right side to compliment him unless they believe Frank Zombo is a long term starter.  Brooks Reed of Arizona is an option here.

Cornerback The Packers have Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams which is arguably one of the best, if not the best one two cornerback tandem in the NFL.

Wide Receiver Green Bay has to find a successor to Donald Driver.  James Jones fatigues easily, Jordy Nelson’s intangibles are sloppy because sometimes he fails to run a route or drops an easy pass.  Nelson is a great #4 guy to fill in at slot receiver for James Jones, but he is not a #2 option who can take away double teams that Greg Jennings is receiving.

3-4 Right End The Packers did not resign Cullen Jenkins so 3-4 right end becomes a need.  Muhammed Wilkerson of Temple may be an option here.

Running Back Green Bay may get a 3rd running back to replace Brandon Jackson for depth.

Guards Green Bay’s guards were terrbile in pass blocking both guards allowed 8 or more sacks.  Green Bay’s offensive line runs a pass blocking scheme so the Packers have to get better at guard this April.  Danny Watkins who went to the same community college as Aaron Rodgers is a left tackle that you can plug into left guard he may be an option in round 1 or round 2.

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