Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick Appears on SportsNation to Answer Your Questions

By Bryn Swartz

Earlier today, it was revealed that the next NFL player featured on the Madden cover will have to be the winner of a 32-player bracket.

Quarterback Michael Vick, who was listed as the third seed, appeared on SportsNation today with Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis, another Madden hopeful, to answer questions from fans.

The questions ranged from the NCAA tournament to Dungy’s mentorship of Vick to, well, check it out.

And yes, Michael Vick is asked if he thinks he deserves to be the first two-time madden cover athlete, and yes, he provides an answer.

Click here to vote for Vick for the Madden cover, and please, let’s not vote for someone else because of a dumb curse.

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