Report: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Won't Sign Tiki Barber

By Dan Parzych

After news broke out that Tiki Barber was planning to come out of retirement and return to the NFL, rumors started to emerge as potential suitors since the New York Giants already claimed they had no interest in bringing him back. Now, it appears one of those teams can be crossed off the list of potential suitors–the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Tampa Tribune reported on Monday that the Bucs have no plans of bringing Tiki on board–eliminating all of the rumors about the possibility of him playing with his brother Ronde. The brothers have always expressed an interest with playing together in the NFL and with 2011 most likely being Ronde’s final season–many wondered if it was possible Tampa Bay would give Tiki a shot as a possible third-string running back.

Unfortunately, it looks like Tiki will have to wait and see if another team is willing to give him a shot. On the bright side–at least this decision will have no impact on the Bucs as their ground game will be just as fine–if not better–than it would be even if Tiki did come on board next season.

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