Carson Palmer a good fit in Miami

By chriswalsh

* Note: 15 picks at 15 series will begin March 28*


Carson Palmer will not be a Cincinnati Bengal next year, that much looks certain.

But would he fit in with another team clad in Orange?

The Dolphins are in need of an answer at quarterback. Chad Henne hasn’t produced the way the ‘Fins management has hoped. Chad Pennington barely has shoulders left on his body.

So, like previously mentioned, there are some options. But word has it that Miami is giving Palmer a strong consideration now.

Aside from helping me win my fantasy league last year, Palmer’s play has not been great of late. Most of his stats came in garbage time last season.

But at only 31, things could change with a change in scenery. It has happened before.

If there even is a season next year, Miami could bring Palmer in and hopefully make him a game-manager, rather than rely on his questionable arm.

Brandon Marshall is better than OchoCinco and T.O., plus Palmer found success in the slot, where Devon Bess thrives.

But with Miami’s new offensive coordinator, the running game should take precedent, hence a Mark Ingram pick would be fantastic. Bring in Palmer and get some much needed help on the line and Miami is back in business right?!

Okay, it’s a stretch. But at least I’m not talking about the labor issues.

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