Miami scouting running backs

By chriswalsh

As a beat writer for a NCAA D-1 college, I am privy to certain information and access to things like Pro Days.

Well after attending one, and talking with people “in the know” it seems Miami is keeping its options open regarding bringing in a new running back.

Oklahoma’s DeMarco Murray, Nebraska’s Roy Helu and Oklahoma State’s Kendall Hunter are three players I have seen in person in the past year and one of which I saw getting some attention from the Dolphins on his Pro Day.

Of course, Mark Ingram is the sexy pick, and really, probably the best option.

But Miami could go O-line or QB or any direction and throw a wrench in some plans come draft day.

Starting Monday I will be profiling a series of 15 players Miami could take with the 15th pick. Ingram may be the obvious choice, but it’s now looking like Miami could mix things up next month.

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