Arizona Apparently "Most Interested" in Kolb

By ericgoodman

Word around the NFL is that the Arizona Cardinals are actively interested in Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.  Apparently, they are the most interested team out there.  However, no matter how enticing a deal Arizona attempts to make with the Eagles, it can’t be done without a CBA.

So, this is just an update and a rumor.  At least the Cards are making an attempt at grabbing a star player that isn’t past his prime…  Nice to see them making an effort even though they can’t make a deal.

Lets hope we have a new CBA by the time the draft comes.  If the Cards can land Kolb, that opens up so many opportunities in the draft, including drafting and developing Blaine Gabbert or even Cam Newton.  In fact, with Kolb wrapped up, Newton could be a very enticing pick.  Without Kolb, Newton will not be the Cards pick as he will need years to develop into a viable NFL quarterback.

We will see how this drama plays out.

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