Seattle Seahawks' Golden Tate; Will he have a "Golden" Opportunity to start in 2011?

By judewilmot

Since joining the ‘Hawks in 2010, 22-year-old rookie Golden Tate, has made the most out of the limited playing time he has  seen.

Although he only has 21 NFL receptions under his belt thus far, he has managed to collect 227-yards though the air, an  average of 10.8-yards per catch.

Tate’s biggest game of last season came against the Denver Broncos in week two.

His first of a pair of fantastic plays came  late in the third quarter when he caught a deep ball from QB Matt Hasselbeck, and ran it for a total of 52-yards.

The other came near the end of the fourth quarter when he returned a punt for 63-yards all the way down to the opposing  22-yard line, which led to a Seahawks TD.

Following the game Seattle Head Coach, Pete Carroll, spoke about his thoughts on Tate’s abilities.

“Going through (training) camp, he was still a little bit behind, doing things right and trying to clean his game up,” coach Pete Carroll said. “He’s working real hard at it, and he’s going to get it done. It’s not far away, but he did show. He did show the stuff that we’ve seen all throughout camp.”

“He can make plays. He can make things happen.” (per The Seattle Times)

It’s obvious that Carroll wants to work Tate in as a starter at some point, but has reservations about how soon due to the young receiver’s inconsistencies.

Shortly before the start of the ’10 season Tate, spoke about his his need to work on his route timing.

“The West Coast offense is all about timing,” Tate said. “I know all the plays. But I need to be where the quarterback needs me to be when he needs me there.” (per AolNews)

Will Tate be prepared enough to be a regular starter in time for the 2011 season? I’m sure I am not the first Seahawk fan to ask that question, and probably won’t be the last.




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