NFL Draft 2011: QB Jake Locker has Pete Carroll in His Corner after Pro Day?

By judewilmot

With the 2011 NFL draft swiftly approaching, Washington Husky QB, Jake Locker, has been a topic of great debate in Seattle, especially after his pro day performance yesterday.

According to Gil Brandt, of, Locker had plenty to show prospective big league takers.

“Quarterback Jake Locker showed good velocity on his passes for the representatives of 20 NFL teams who traveled to the University of Washington’s pro day Wednesday.”

“Locker, who completed 39 of 41 passes, stood on the rest of his combine numbers”

It seems as though Washington’s “hometown hero” has redeemed his luster, making him a hot target in the draft.

Until yesterday it appeared that the 6′-2″ 227 pound hurler’s future was cloudy, “experts” have picked him to go anywhere from middle to late in the first round and possibly even the top of the second.

Now, it is looking as though he could go in the middle-first.

It is no mystery that the Seahawks have a lot of holes to fill, most notably the OL, but IF and that’s a big if, they can snag local standout Locker, it might just be their best choice.

While still coaching for USC, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, had nothing but positive things to say about the Husky’s stand-out QB.

“That’s the best quarterback we’ve played in nine years here,” Carroll said when told Washington has beaten only Idaho and USC the last two years. ” Jake Locker has ridiculous talent.” (per ESPN)

“By far, Jake is the best runner we will see,” Carroll said. “By far, he is the fastest, toughest and best.” (per The Orange County Register)

With such a verbal fondness of Locker’s play in the past, in combination with his recent pro day performance,  can we expect to see Carroll and the ‘Hawks try to sink their claws into him? Will their “bottom-of -the- barrel”, first-round pick end up too little, too late?

Unfortunately, we won’t find out the answers to those questions until the 2011 NFL draft begins on April 28th.

My fingers are crossed for Locker…are yours?



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