Preparing for the unthinkable: an injury to Drew Brees

By Philthy

Since the Saints signed quarterback Drew Brees in 2006, he has set records left and right as one of the game’s top quarterbacks. The Saints were lucky to be able to sign a top-flight quarterback like him, and have likewise been considerably lucky that Brees has not faced a significant injury in his time in the black and gold. Minus his slight knee problem last year that didn’t cost him any games, he has gone by virtually injury free in New Orleans.

Because of the violent nature of football and how much an injury to Brees could cripple a season for the Saints, the team needs to be fully prepared if the unthinkable does happen and Brees has to miss a significant chunk of games due to an injury. The Saints current backup is third-year player Chase Daniel, and the Saints may need to think about bringing in another experienced quarterback to camp to ensure that the best backup possible is waiting behind Brees.

Daniel shined last preseason and training camp while competing with veteran Patrick Ramsey for the backup position. The competition brought out the best in Daniel, and he won the backup job. Because of how important the position behind Brees is for the Saints, the team should seriously think hard about bringing in another veteran like Ramsey into camp to push Daniel to ensure that the team has the best possible backup behind Brees.

A significant injury to Brees would literally end a Saints season before it even begins, and the team needs to take all steps possible to ensure that they have adequate insurance if an injury does befall him.

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