2011 NFL Draft: Jake Locker Not Going to New York for Draft.

By judewilmot

Washington Huskies QB, Jake Locker, has made the choice not to attend the 2011 NFL draft in New York.

Instead, he will be at home with local supporters during the big event.

After Washington’s pro day Wednesday, Locker answered questions on UW’s campus relating to his decision.

Q: “Where do you plan to be for the draft itself?”

Locker: “I’m going to be at home.”

Q: “Were you contacted by the league by [about?] coming to New York?”

Locker: “Yes, sir.”

Q: “You just decided not to?”

Locker: “It’s an honor, and I appreciate the invite, but for me, I want to be with the people that have been with me my whole life and helped me get to this point.

I want to share that experience with them, and not all of them would be able to come to New York with me.

So for me, it makes more sense to be at home where I grew up and where this all started.” (per The Seattle Times)

Does Locker’s choice to stay in Washington for the draft allude to a possible desire to remain local with the Seahawks?


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