Bowers Could be a Nice Gamble for the Lions

By ryanwest
daquan bowers

The Lions have had a lot of success drafting lately – something fans haven’t been accustomed to thanks to Matt Millen – and should expect nothing less this year. The biggest problem the Lions have is figuring out which way they want to address their team in the NFL draft. Head Coach Jim Schwartz has made his defense a pretty versatile group and that paid off last year as the defense improved greatly. Now it’s just a matter of choosing which way they want to pursue.

by Ryan West

I posted earlier this week that I believe the pick should be Tyron Smith from Southern California. I’m not backing out of that pick. The Lions must find a way to protect their biggest asset in Matt Stafford and give the kid a chance to perform on the field. Without a quarterback, this Lions team will not amount to anything special. But, if Smith happens to be gone at their pick (wherever that may be), then they will have to figure out what they want to do.

One gamble that I could see make their defense an elite group is drafting Da’Quan Bowers out of Clemson. Bowers, an athletic freak, was supposed to be a top 5 pick this year but his knee injury has caused concern and now is falling into the teens of the draft. Many blame the secondary for the defense’s problems, and yes they need to get some corners, but the defensive line is a much better value. If you can repeatedly get to the quarterback, the corners and safeties don’t have to be as talented. The Lions could use another elite talent to pair with Ndamukong Suh to disrupt offensive lines for years. Bowers, when healthy, can make the corner’s job a lot easier and make the defense a lot more disruptive.

Expect a very surprising draft this April from the Lions, especially if Tyron Smith isn’t around when the Lions pick. They need to continue their draft success of late and I don’t see any reason why they can’t improve this April.

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