Can the Cardinals Pass on Robert Quinn?

By ericgoodman

Robert Quinn has shot up draft boards recently.  Yes, he didn’t play in his senior season and that leaves a huge question mark when thinking about drafting him.  However, at his North Carolina workout, Quinn put on a show.  At 6-4, 260 pounds, Quinn ran a 4.62 40.

However, what was most impressive was his ability to move laterally and drop back athletically.  At his weight, I was skeptical about how he would play as a stand-up linebacker and dismissed him early.  After watching his workout, I am convinced that Quinn will be a force to be reckoned with as a pass-rusher and overall linebacker.

Many Cardinals employees were at his workout, as well as scouts and execs from several other teams.  No one is doubting the skills of this player, Quinn.  He can be something special.

That said, Von Miller is the best linebacker in this draft, hands down, but he should be taken by Buffalo.  If he is available at #5 the Cardinals HAVE to take him.  If he is not, that opens up the door to the Cardinals possibly drafting Blaine Gabbert, Patrick Peterson, and now, Robert Quinn.

Quinn athletically is a beast.  He is committed enough to learn how to play linebacker and has a knack for big plays.  In 2009 as a sophomore, he had 19 tackles for loss, 11 sacks and 6 forced fumbles.  His 2010 ended before the season began as he was suspended in the North Carolina scandal.  I don’t believe this shows significant character flaws, and the man’s work ethic is unbelievable.

However his story is even more unbelievable.  In his senior year in high school, he started developing headaches.  After several trips to the doctor, they found a tumor that supposedly was going to end his football career.  A successful surgery and 6 months later, Quinn was headache free and was cleared to play football.

He took over the starting job in his second game as a freshman and never looked back.  That year, he won the ACC’s Brian Piccolo award for the most courageous player.

Impact player, right from the get go.  This is the kind of player that the Cardinals need and cannot afford to miss.

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