CBA Will Affect Cards #5 Pick

By ericgoodman

It looks as if Von Miller has worked himself out of Arizona, and into the hands of a top two or three pick.  This is quite unfortunate for the Cardinals, as he was the kind of player that could step in and make a difference from day one.  However, this doesn’t mean that the Cards are at all out of options.

More than likely, both prospects Patrick Peterson and Robert Quinn should be available by pick number 5.  That said, Gabbert may be there as well, however this is very unlikely.  If those three players are available for the Cardinals, who do they pick?

Gabbert is the most NFL ready quarterback in the draft.  However, Ken Whisenhunt has expressed that neither he nor QB Cam Newton have “great” stuff.  That is the kind of quarterback the Cardinals need; one that can step in and play if the Cardinals don’t land a veteran quarterback in some way by the time the season does start.

I believe that however long the NFL lockout lasts will determine the Cardinals pick here, if and only if, Gabbert is available.  The Cardinals will NOT take Cam Newton with this pick.  He is a developmental quarterback at best, and is a huge risk that Whisenhunt will not be willing to take.

If the lockout ends in time to sign or trade for a quarterback before the draft, there would be no need to take Gabbert at this pick as there are several viable quarterbacks that will be available in the second round.  Even then, if the Cards do have a veteran signed and if they believe that John Skelton can be a good NFL prospect in time, they can concentrate on other needs.

If there is no CBA in place by the time the draft begins and Gabbert is available, they will be taking Gabbert.

If Gabbert is not available, Cam Newton is too much of a risk for Whisenhunt to take.  They will address a different need with this pick.

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