Kevin Kolb to the Buffalo Bills?

By chrisrahn

With the NFL Draft only a couple of weeks away, and the Buffalo Bills undecided on whether there is a potential franchise quarterback to select with the third pick, there are rumors that Buffalo has been in trade talks with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The trade would involve the Bills obtaining the disgruntled Kevin Kolb and the Eagles’ first (23) and second (54) round pick in the upcoming draft in exchange for the third overall pick. Rumors suggest that the Eagles would select, in my opinion, the most talented player in the draft, LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson.

Kolb has already stated that he doesn’t want to remain in Philadelphia playing behind Michael Vick, so a move to Buffalo where he could start, is an attractive option for the coveted back up. Kolb, who is probably a more certain option at quarterback than Newton, Gabbert, and Fitzpatrick, would definitely start in Buffalo come next September.

However, these are only rumors at the moment and no deal can be made unless a new collective bargaining agreement is made prior to the draft, which seems unlikely at this point.

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