Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick Plans to Visit Former New York Giants WR Plaxico Burress After Prison Release

By Jeff Shull

Apparently Mike Vick wants to pay a visit to fellow Virginia native and former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress when he is released from prison on June 6.

The extent of the visit is not yet known, but I imagine he will be scouting for the Eagles who could use another body as a weapon in their already potent offense.

They have DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin already, but Burress is a different kind of weapon; his size makes him a dominant threat over the middle and in the red zone.

Not that the Eagles need help scoring, but it couldn’t hurt.

Apparently Vick decided he wanted to talk to Burress after his visit with inmates in Florida.

“I hope I can pay him a visit,” said Vick. “I just want to reach out to him, talk to him. We have a good relationship…just congratulate him on getting through such a tough time, even though it’s not the ideal situation, let him know there’s plenty of optimism out there for him. I don’t think his career’s over by far. You look at Terrell Owens, he’s 37, and playing like he’s in his late 20s.”

As a Giants fan I wouldn’t want to see Burress in an Eagles uniform, he used to dominate when the Giants played in Philadelphia. I can’t imagine what he would do with eight games there.



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