What's the magic number for Reggie Bush to remain a New Orleans Saint?

By Philthy

After helping the Saints win Super Bowl 44, running back Reggie Bush experienced a rough stretch. Over the last year, he and superstar celebrity Kim Kardashian have broken up, he was injured for the vast majority of the 2010 season, had his Heisman Trophy taken away and had his marketing agent sent to prison for running a scam involving Super Bowl tickets.

And now? He is expected to have to take a significant pay cut to remain in New Orleans or else he will assuredly be released. Bush is scheduled to make over $11 million in 2011, which is typical for a No. 2 overall pick of the NFL draft. However, with his limited production and consistent injuries over his career, the Saints have made it clear that they would like him to renegotiate his contract if he is to stay in the black and gold.

It’s not as if the Saints don’t want him to remain in New Orleans. Saints Coach Sean Payton has repeatedly talked about how much he likes having Bush involved in his offense with all of the matchup nightmares he presents for defenses. Despite that, $11 million for next year is way too much for a team that is going to have to start locking up some of their other veterans, including Quarterback Drew Brees.

Bush has indicated that he would like to do what he can to stay in New Orleans, so after the lockout has ended, look for the Saints to extend his contract for a lesser amount of money to even or reduce the amount of money he is due in 2011. Luckily for him, the lockout will give him lots of time to mull over his options and despite his injuries and inconsistency, Saints fans don’t want to see what the offense would be like without him.

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