Where Should the Philadelphia Eagles Trade Quarterback Kevin Kolb?

By Bryn Swartz

It’s no surprise that quarterback Kevin Kolb will not be on the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011.

After Vick’s brilliant season which earned NFL Comeback Player of the Year honors, as well as the team’s franchise tag, Kolb announced that he either wants to start in Philadelphia or be traded.

Well, he’s not going to start, and even he knows that, so the next question is… Where should the Eagles trade Kolb for the 2011 season?

Several teams are a possibility.

The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks have expressed interest.

So have the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Minnesota Vikings would definitely benefit with Kolb. The Buffalo Bills. Perhaps even a team like the Oakland Raiders.

I wouldn’t even rule out teams like the Tennessee Titans or the Washington Redskins.

After all, the Eagles traded six-time Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb within the division a year ago, and the move paid off for the Eagles. Chances are high that McNabb won’t even be with the Redskins next year.

Dan Dubrow of Bleeding Eagle Green made an interesting point in one of his recent articles. He suggested that if the Eagles care about Kevin Kolb, they will trade him to the Arizona Cardinals (or the Seattle Seahawks). Dubrow states that the NFC West is almost like an internship to the NFL, whereas Kolb would likely struggle in the AFC North, playing against the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers twice a season.

I agree with Dubrow, to a point. I think the Eagles should trade Kolb to which ever team offers the best deal for him, and if that’s the Bengals, then send Kolb to the Bengals. But if it’s the Cardinals, Seahawks, or even Redskins, then send him there.

Kolb has a promising future. I think he’ll be a borderline Pro Bowler one day. But I don’t think he’ll be an Eagle-killer. I would have no problem with Kolb playing in the NFC, even in the division.

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