DeSean Jackson Says He's the Best Wide Receiver and Best Punt Returner in the NFL

By Bryn Swartz

A few days ago, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson appeared on NFL Network for an interview.

Below is his complete interview:

Tell us something about DeSean Jackson we don’t know …
DS: I’m a down-to-earth guy. I like to spend a lot time with my family, and I’m very family oriented. I’m a chill type of guy. The majority of the time I like to be out of the scene. I’m not a flashy guy. I’m very humble, but at the same time very confident.

You can have any artist, dead or alive, perform at your next party. Who is the headliner?
DS: Tupac would represent at my party. I used to look up to him quite a bit. He was one of the best rappers ever, in my opinion. His music was so real to me. He spoke the truth in his music.

Did what Michael Vick did last season surprise you?
DS: Not at all. Vick has worked hard to get to where he’s gotten to with the work he’s put in, especially getting the second change and what he’s done with it. Honestly, I expected it. He’s at such a different level right now after coming back from out of football for two or three years, that’s unbelievable.

Can Vick lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl?
DS: Without a doubt, I think he can. Especially with his hard work and dedication.

Is the Vick you know different than the Vick we know?
DS: I really do think the Vick we know, the world doesn’t know him that way. He’s very mellow, very soft-spoken, and at the same time is outgoing and intelligent. He knows what he’s doing as a quarterback. He’s a grown man. He’s been in the league, he knows what to expect and how to carry himself. I don’t know if a lot of people realize that about him, especially after the incidents with the dogs.

Do younger players look up to Vick?
DS: I think everybody looks up to him. Everybody is interested in seeing how he does what he does and what makes him so unique, who he is. Players look at that. A lot of times it gives people questions, because they wonder how he got to where he’s at. When you’re great, there’s something about the individual that makes them that way. When you see him and meet him, you know he has it.

You were the seventh receiver taken in the 2008 NFL Draft. Do you carry that around with you?
DS: I definitely do have a chip on my shoulder because of that. A lot of people downplayed me coming out of college, saying I was too little and not heavy enough. I used that to fire up my energy and make me go out there and prove everybody wrong.

Who is the best receiver in the NFL?
DS: Hands down, I think it’s DeSean Jackson. There are a lot of talented receivers in the game, but it’s basically what you want. I like to do it every way possible. I’m not just a guy who can run deep and catch long balls, I can catch short balls and take it the distance. I sacrifice for my team. I just want to be a complete receiver.

Are you also the best punt returner?
DS: I think I am. Devin Hester, don’t get me wrong, he’s a great returner and has done some unbelievable things as well, but as far as my speed no one out there is faster than me.

Does that include Chris Johnson? Are you faster?
DS: I can take anybody, brother.

Who are the four NFL guys you want on your 4×100 relay team?
DS: I would say Chris Johnson, Jacoby Ford and Mike Wallace. Sound good?

You have a penchant for, well, interesting entrances into the end zone. What’s your favorite?
DS: Well, I like turning around from about the 30-yard line and jogging in backwards. Skipping into the end zone. Honestly, whatever comes to mind that’s just what I go with. I just let the game come to me, I try not to force it, I just play and have fun. That’s the biggest thing, when people see me I want them to realize I’m really having fun and enjoying myself. As far as leaving the right message for kids, growing up we need someone to look up to and be positive, and I wanted to see myself being that person. I have some football camps coming up that I want people to check out what we’re doing with the kids. I think it’s huge to give back to them and keep them involved. There’s a lot of kids out there who don’t have a vision, who don’t have anyone to push them in life. I see myself being an icon for that.

Should Kevin Kolb be a starter somewhere in the NFL?
DS: Definitely. I think Kolb is a great quarterback. It just didn’t pan out for him last year with the injury. There’s no telling what next season will hold for him, hopefully he’ll have a great career if he’s with the Eagles or someone else. He definitely has a lot of confidence himself and is a great player.

Which cornerbacks give you the most problems?
DS: I can’t answer that because cornerbacks won’t cover me in man coverage, they always have help. Until the defensive coaches or player say they want to cover DeSean Jackson man-to-man, having two and three people covering me doesn’t count. There are some good corners out there, don’t get me wrong. I just like being competitive. That nature of the game is very interesting, because it brings out the best in people.

Fair enough. Are you also the best trash-talker in the NFL?
DS: I think Chad Ochocinco is. He’s one of the biggest talkers out there, besides myself. I talk a little bit too, but I think he’s got me.

You have the most touchdowns of 50-plus yards since coming into the league. But, no nickname. That’s what’s missing …
DS: “Swagger Jack” is one of my nicknames, as far as being one of the most explosive players. What do you think? Throw it out to Twitter? OK, everyone follow me @DeSeanJackson10 and we’ll blow it up.

You’re an LA native and an NBA guy. Are the Lakers going to win it all?
DS: Yeah man, they have it going on right now. Everybody is playing pretty well. They’ve only lost two games since the All-Star break, that’s pretty dope. Give me some credit, you heard it here first.

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