Dallas Cowboys Expected to Part Ways With RB Marion Barber This Offseason

A few years ago, Marion Barber was considered one of the toughest running backs to contain and gave the Dallas Cowboys a huge advantage in the ground game. Unfortunately, Barber was far from that effective running back in 2010 and now–all signs point to his time with the Cowboys coming to an end.

Bob Sturn of DallasNews.com took the time on Thursday to answer questions from fans about the Cowboys–with Barber being one of the hot topics. Here’s what Sturn had to say about Barber’s status and whether or not the team could rely on Felix Jones and Tashard Choice:

“I don’t see any way Barber is back. I just can’t see any upside. He has no special teams possibilities. He is slowing down. There is no point carrying on any longer. Choice and Jones? Like many spots on this field, it is not perfect or ideal, but perhaps it is good enough to get by.”

While this may just seem like one writer’s opinion, it should also be noted that Nick Eatman discussed on the team site back in the middle of March how he believes Barber will be released once free agency begins–so this move seems more likely to happen. Considering his lack of production in 2010 (374 rushing yards with four touchdowns in 13 games) along with a hefty base salary ($4.25 million) for next season–it’s no wonder the Cowboys are expected to part ways with Barber.

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  • http://outofthenorm.tv Norm Allen

    If you base a decision to get rid of Barber on lat season, it would be like firing Congress. The whole team needs to go. I think with Coach Garrett in charge, Ryan coming on, and some other “new” factors, The Cowboys should hang on to him for another year. I think it will be worth it. Do some trading and bring Tim Tebo to Dallas and give him the time to mature, and you could be looking at another Troy Aikman or better as I expect Romo to be dissappointing.

    • Johnny

      thats the stupidest damn thing I’ve heard about romo and tebow! Do you even watch the cowboys? Then you would know how good Romo is and good he could be.

  • Cid

    I think Barber should transition to FB……somewhere else. He’s a big physical guy that you would still have to account for in the backfield because he can run, catch and block pretty good. He simply doesn’t excel at any of them any more. He’s make a good feature player in the right system….Minnesota. :)

  • CCRider

    such a shame. He was a one-year wonder, but after he got the big contract, it was all downhill.

  • boysfan

    i also believe barber was a one year wonder. i mean ever since he got hurt that one season its almost like he is afraid to run hard again. we used to see him stiff-arm players to the ground and now we see him gain maybe a yard and take a huge hit. i love barber but if youre not producing then youre gonna get cut. i also think this team needs to cut some other players, they have way too many stars and not enough control of those stars. either cut some more or get a guy who can take control

  • http://yardbarker.com big rob

    Ive been a cowboy fan for about 40 years. jerry jones needs to hire me to come in and revamp the team.