2011 NFL Draft: Is Ryan Mallett the Seattle Seahawks' Best Draft Option?

By judewilmot

Ryan Mallet, or “Big Tex” as his fans like to call him.

Is one of a few QBs expected to be a 2011 NFL draft prospect for the Seattle Seahawks.

Over the course of his 3-year college career, the 6′-7″ 238 lb. Razorback-tosser put up over 8,000-yards through the air.

He also scored 69 TDs, with  62 of them coming in his final two years.

Mallet’s biggest setback is his speed on the ground.

His official time at this year’s combine was a dreadful 5.37, but given his enormous size is understandable.

One of the the greatest concerns for the ‘Hawks is their OL.

If the birds don’t acquire some strong blockers in both free agency and the draft, slow-legged Mallet would not be a realistic choice, and the team would be better off focusing on a QB deeper in the draft.

Ideally, a guy that has some scrambling ability.

If Seattle can bolster the line a bit Mallet would fit in nicely.

He has a cannon for an arm, and for the most part throws with accuracy.

He is a strict pocket-passer and will rely heavily on speedy receivers that know their routes well.

If the Seahawks are prepared to build the team to fit Mallet’s strict pocket-style, they MAY have a Dan Marino or Tom Brady type QB for the future.

Are they willing to take that risk? I’m not so sure I would, but what do I know?!


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