NFL Players Making an Effort

By ericgoodman

Yeah, this has been a very tough time for both the NFL organizations and us fans.  Neither of us have any idea really of how our team will look next year, barring the Patriots and Green Bay.

Not only that, but players and coaches are not even allowed to speak with one another or go over plays.  Not even if they volunteer to do it for free.

However, not all is lost.  The coaching staffs are watching tape and building better schemes around the players that they know they will have.  This draft will fill many needs for teams as they will have to draft by need.

The best thing that I have seen out of this lockout (which isn’t much don’t get me wrong) is the players willingness to put forth the effort to their fans and to each other.

Many players are constantly tweeting to their fans to keep in touch and gain their respect back.  Can’t tell you if it’s working, but it can’t hurt.

Players are also getting together in volunteer workouts, which include anything from football drills to games of basketball.  Kerry Rhodes, Max Komar and Steve Breaston have been constantly together playing games and Reagan Mauia is constantly in touch with fans.

Thanks for making an effort guys.  We may not have much to hang on to, but we have you.  Power to the players.

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