Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick: "I Wouldn't Change Anything About My Life If I Could"

By Bryn Swartz

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick recently discussed his time in prison in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“As crazy as this may sound, going to prison really changed my life,” Vick said. “I was able to go in and come out with a plan. … I’m happy that I turned out to be the person I am, and I wouldn’t change anything about my life if I could.”

Vick said that he doesn’t really pay attention to his critics. However he admitted that he spent a portion of last summer reading the nastiest comments in an attempt to prove people wrong.

“At some point, I think you let bygones be bygones,” he told the newspaper. “I think some people will never forget. Some people will. But I think that’s just the reality of the situation I created for myself.”

Vick also referred to his time in prison, calling it the lowest point of his life. He says, “I took that moment to reflect back on all of the things that I didn’t take advantage of, and what I could do moving forward to try to be prosperous.”

In 2010, Vick rejuvenated his NFL career by leading the Eagles to the postseason. He earned Comeback Player of the Year honors.

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