Cleveland Browns: Will Jake Delhomme Take A Pay Cut To Play For Cleveland

By Brian Murtaugh

The Cleveland Browns are only two weeks away from their 2011 NFL Draft preparations but the franchise also has some big issues to deal with away from Radio City Music Hall. Jake Delhomme was the week 1 starter for the Browns last season but may not even be on the active roster in 2011 if he does not agree to take a pay cut and become a second or third string option.

According to numerous league sources, the Browns will ask Delhomme to take a significant cut in his salary in order to remain with the team once the league and players association agree on a new collective bargaining agreement.

However, would Delhomme even want to come back to Cleveland?

The Browns fans turned on Delhomme almost immediately after week 1 when his interception led to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers touchdown and a Cleveland Browns loss. Delhomme then sat out numerous games before returning and throwing five more interceptions in four games. One would have to believe that Delhomme’s chances to play in the NFL are becoming even more slim due to the Browns new found faith in Colt McCoy and the restructured contract of Seneca Wallace.

If the Browns do offer Delhomme a pay cut, he will have the option of being released from the team and testing a free agent market that is currently hungry for talented passers. However, Delhomme has now had two of his worst seasons in consecutive years and may not even get another opportunity to join another team.

Cleveland is also rumored to be interested in quarterbacks during this years’ draft which may ultimately result in the release of Delhomme completely. Jarret Brown is also under contract as a quarterback for the 2011 season.

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