Full Seven Round Mock Draft On Twitter Begins Tomorrow

By zachkruse

If you have any interest in the full NFL draft, a full seven-round mock draft will be starting tomorrow via Twitter. The draft will be accompanied with the hash tag #mockthree,  and you can find the website here.

Teams of three writers will be picking for each of the 32 NFL franchises, and Brian Carriveau (BrianCarriveau), Paramveer (Got_Next) and myself (zachkruse2) were selected to represent the Green Bay Packers.

We will collaborate on making trades, building our board and selecting who we think would fit for the Packers. It’s impossible to do, but we’ll try our best to channel our inner Ted Thompson.

Predicting the draft is obviously far from a complete science, so we welcome any and all help in completing the seven round adventure. Feel free to offer any advice or suggestions to us three on Twitter.

At the end of the draft, Wes Bunting of the National Football Post, Sigmund Bloom of Footballguys.com and Shane Hallam of Draftcountdown.com will grade the work we’ve done.

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