Columnist: Cowboys' Romo Not a Top 12 NFL QB; Chiefs' Cassel a Better Passer

By Jeric Griffin

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo definitely isn’t a Hall of Famer, but he’s no scrub, either. For those of you who follow my posts, you know I don’t have a ton of faith in Romo, but I’d much rather have him than a majority of other NFL quarterbacks. CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco does not think Romo is in the top 12 quarterbacks in the league. That’s an arguable point, but not when you see some of the names he put ahead of the Cowboys’ signal-caller.

Four quarterbacks Prisco put ahead of Romo belong at the top of the list in stone: the Indianapolis Colts’ Peyton Manning, New England Patriots’ Tom Brady, Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, and New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees.

A couple of the names are arguable, like the San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers, Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger, Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan, Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick, and Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco.

However, how in the world can you put the Houston Texans’ Matt Schaub, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Josh Freeman, or the Kansas City Chiefs’ Matt Cassel ahead of Romo? Really? Matt Cassel is a better quarterback than Tony Romo? You’ll hardly ever see me stick up for Romo, but this is ridiculous. I won’t begin to talk about Pro Bowls or 4,000-yard seasons; I’ll let you guys comment and we’ll see what the majority thinks.

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