Detroit Lions 2011 NFL Schedule Released

By ryanwest

As the NFL lockout looms over the 2011 NFL season, there was a bright side today: the release of the 2011 schedule.Calvin Johnson

The Lions are being talked as being a sleeper team and looking to get their first winning season in over 11 seasons. The NFL didn’t do them any favors by giving them this schedule this year. Their schedule gives them their first Monday Night game since 2001. And if they are winning games they have some big ones at the end of the season that could get flexed to the Prime Time spot – another place Detroit Lions fans aren’t used to seeing their team play. They will have to fight and claw their way at the beginning of the schedule to show that they are a team to be reckoned with this year. It makes the NFL Draft and the free agency ever so more important for this team. They need to address their serious needs and continue to improve and let their young nucleus mature and set a new way of winning.  If they don’t take advantage of the early season games, their season could end up how it has in the last decade: having more losses than wins.

Tomorrow, I will breakdown the schedule into further detail. For now, here is the Detroit Lions 2011 Schedule:

  • Week 1 (Sunday September 11, Fox): @Tampa Bay Buccaneers*
  • Week 2 (Sunday September 18, CBS): v. Kansas City Chiefs*
  • Week 3 (Sunday September 25, Fox) @Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 4 (Sunday October 2, Fox) @Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 5 (Monday October 10, ESPN) v. Chicago Bears*
  • Week 6 (Sunday October 16, Fox) v. San Fran 49ers
  • Week 7 (Sunday October 23, Fox) v. Atlanta Falcons*
  • Week 8 (Sunday October 30, Fox) @Denver Broncos
  • Week 9 : Bye Week
  • Week 10: (Sunday November 13, Fox) @Chicago Bears*
  • Week 11: (Sunday November 20, Fox) v. Carolina Panthers
  • Week 12: (Thursday November 24, Fox) v. Green Bay Packers*
  • Week 13: (Sunday December 4, Fox) @New Orleans Saints*
  • Week 14: (Sunday December 11, Fox) v. Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 15: (Sunday December 18, Fox) @Oakland Raiders
  • Week 16: (Saturday December 24, CBS) v. San Diego Chargers
  • Week 17: (Sunday January 1, Fox) @Green Bay Packers*

* denotes Winning Record last year.



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