Why the Chicago Bears make me Nervous


Forgive me for not being very optimistic about the Chicago Bears entering 2011. While I don’t think it’s fair to the Bears lucky last season, I’d say they caught breaks along the way. The schedule was out of their control but staying healthy was a stroke of luck.

Jay Cutler took a beating last season. He did break during the Giants game and finally broke down during the NFC Championship game. He’s only human…and if the Chicago Bears don’t protect him better it will destroy his career.

7-9 wouldn’t shock me quite honestly. If the Chicago Bears don’t address many different needs, they’re stuck in the mud. I’d like to be wrong here, but age and the health bug will catch up with this group. Plus, the schedule-makers didn’t do the Chicago Bears any favors.

As soon as this labor mess gets figured out, the Chicago Bears need to bring in some better depth on the offensive line. This is a must. A wide receiver and linebacking depth wouldn’t hurt either. Then I might feel better. Until then, I’m feeling like a tidal wave of bad football will be upon us.

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