Quinn Is an Excellent Consolation Prize

By stevengerwell

The Rams didn’t address their biggest need as a team (WR), but they got one hell of a football player in the process. The Rams stay put at No. 14 overall and selected defensive-end Robert Quinn out of North Carolina.

There are some questions surrounding Quinn, and those questions are the reason he fell as far as he did. He has a brain tumor, but the tumor is well controlled and checked frequently. He also missed the entire 2010 season, as he was among a group of Tar Heel players suspended by the NCAA for illegal activities with an agent.

However, General Manager Billy Devaney decided to roll the dice (something he rarely does) and select Quinn. Although, Quinn is probably the safest “risky” pick of the entire draft. He is possibly the best defensive lineman in the entire draft, and we likely would’ve been a guaranteed top five pick had he played the 2010 season.

Quinn (6’4″ 265 pounds) will be attacking the opposing quarterback’s blindside as the Rams’ new right-end. He will likely share reps with 34-year old veteran James Hall as a rookie, but he will eventually be the permanent starter opposite Chris Long, and they have potential to form one of the most young and dangerous defensive end duos in the NFL.

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