Ryan Kerrigan Was The Right Choice For The Washington Redskins

The 2011 NFL Draft as already been full of shocks and surprises, only one round down.   The Atlanta Falcons traded the whole world to move up to take Julio Jones.  Aldon Smith somehow sneaked into the top 10.  And two quarterbacks, Jake Locker and Christian Ponder, went a lot higher than anyone thought they would (Locker 8 to Tenn, Ponder 12 to Minn).

Perhaps the biggest shock, though, at least for Redskins fans, came when the 10th overall pick rolled around.  No one would have expected Blaine Gabbert to be available here.  If you would have asked anyone, they would have told you that Mike Shanahan would jump on Blaine Gabbert in a split second.  The Redskins need a franchise quarterback.  Gabbert is looked at by many as the best quarterback in the whole draft.  It’s a no-brainer right?  Wrong.

Shanahan threw a giant curve ball and traded the pick to Jacksonville for their 16th and 49th overall selections.  Now the Redskins have an additional pick in the second round and there’s still plenty of value left on the board.  Could they try to get Andy Dalton with one of those picks?  DaQuan Bowers?  Aaron Williams?  Or will they do the smart, conservative thing yet again and trade back to get more picks.  They still don’t have a third or fourth round pick.

While Ryan Kerrigan wasn’t the sexy pick, I think Mike Shanahan did the absolute right thing here.

Amazing, isn’t it?

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  • WDCSkins

    I like the trade down, and the pass on Gabbert. I hadn’t researched Kerrigan a whole lot, but I love it when I hear “all effort, tireless motor, leader of the D” – keep the divas, give me a guy who’s grateful for the millions to play a game, and plays through the whistle. When Locker came off the board, my thoughts turned to Ponder, but the Vikes reached and took him out of consideration. I’m not a believer in Dalton, really. If another trade down isn’t too far down, I’m o.k. with it. Get a NT, a WR, an OL. Please, God, don’t take Mallett.