2011 NFL Draft Results: Seattle Seahawks Hire "Carpenter" to Build New Offensive Line

By judewilmot

Radio City Music Hall was filled with audible gasps, as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the Seattle Seahawks’ 25th pick of the first-round of the 2011 NFL draft,  Alabama OT, James Carpenter.

There had been varying expectations concerning who the Seahawks would select first, many of them leading towards a QB.

But with Washington Husky slinger, Jake Locker being selected by the Tennesse Titans eighth overall,  predictions became blurry.

It is well known among Seahawks fans that there are many positions that need attention on the team, most notably at the offensive and defensive lines.

Choosing an OT wasn’t really a surprise, it was more a matter of who they chose, and why they did it so early in the draft.

Carpenter was projected by many “experts” to go late in the second to early in the third-round, but obviously Seattle saw something they didn’t and thought that he would make for a strong addition to a depleted front five.

At 6′-4″, 321 lbs Carpenter will provide adequate size to the line.

He has a reputation for having  very quick first step, giving him lead momentum to push open gaps for the run game, which is something the ‘Hawks desperately need.

His hand work and ability to contain  the double-team has been scrutinized, but with good coaching and training should get better.

Only time will tell if carpenter was the best choice, but at least for now fans know they will have some fresh young talent at a spot that has an immediate need.



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